Yves Lambert celebrates a 40-year career in traditional music with the release of DANS SES BOTTINES
MONTRÉAL, November 2015 – Yves Lambert is a key figure in Quebec’s traditional music scene, one of the leading architects of its revival. For 26 years the singer and multi-instrumentalist performed with La Bottine Souriante as one of the band’s founding members, followed by what’s coming up to 14 years with the Bébert Orchestra, and it’s smaller incarnation, the Yves Lambert Trio. This fall Monsieur Bottine – as he is still known by his fans – commemorates a 40-year career of blending tradition and originality into a musical party, with the November 13 release of LAMBERT DANS SES BOTTINES, a collaboration with Josh Dolgin, a.k.a. Socalled.
LAMBERT DANS SES BOTTINES revisits some of the hits that have highlighted Yves’ vibrant career. The master of melody has always been keen to push musical boundaries and draw from many sources of inspiration, and this chance to reinterpret some of his classics proved no exception. The creative stakes were raised even higher by producer Socalled, the eclectic Montréal artist with a hand in everything: klezmer hip-hop producer, DJ, rapper, filmmaker, composer, musician and magician, to name a few of his talents.
The songs were selected from Yves’ repertoire of traditional tunes and rearranged and transformed by Socalled and his samples which, together with Yves’ instantly recognizable booming voice, set the tone for the album. The recording is star-studded with exceptional musicians, including Yves Lambert Trio members Tommy Gauthier (foot percussion and violin) and Olivier Rondeau (guitar). Songs such as “Zigue,” “Dans un p’tit coin nouère,” “Mon Dieu, faites qu’on n’en manque jamais/P’tit minou Gros minou,” “D’un bon matin,” “La culture populaire,” “Canada tourna,” “Sois prudent,” “Traité de libre-échange entre la Moldavie et Ste-Mélanie,” are brought to life with a lively range of instrumentation including violin, viola, cello, accordion, flute, trombone, trumpet, saxophone, bass, guitar, keyboards and cimbalom. The album closes with the spirited Paul-Jones medley “Poutine Souriante.”
For Yves, traditional music is a vibrant, relevant art form that is perpetually reinventing itself. He sees Lambert Dans Ses Bottines as a continuation along the musical journey he has been travelling for over 40 years.
Lambert and Socalled: A musical kinship
Yves Lambert and Socalled, musical kindred spirits and risk-takers, share a respect for the balance that is created between musical authenticity and experience, and an awareness of having cultural identities that take pride in their roots. The duo first met in Copenhagen a few years ago and decided to collaborate. They started working together on Socalled’s puppet musical The Season – Yves played the Hunter – the soundtrack of which was later recorded and released. Yves then performed on “Booty Call” on Socalled’s Peoplewatching album before they embarked on the LAMBERT DANS SES BOTTINES adventure.
Yves Lambert will be performing December 5 at Théâtre Le Patriote (Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts), December 17 at Théâtre de la Ville (Longueil), and February 12, 2016 at L’Anglicane (Lévis). He will also be hosting Foule Trad! in Montreal (December 28) and the city of Québec (December 29). More tour dates for LAMBERT DANS SES BOTTINES will be announced soon.

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